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The Scouts meet every Tuesday at Gilmore Park United Church from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
The Scout Troop (boys and girls ages 11-14)
Challenging Outdoor Adventure

Scouts take their program into the outdoors – the heart of Scouting! Scouting is friendship, fun, Achievement, Challenge and Adventure. The Scout program is designed with the flexibility needed to adapt to all needs, including special needs. As a Scout you’ll have the opportunities to be a part of constant adventure, what’s really exciting is that you’ll discover new activities you had never thought of.

Becoming a Scout

Scouts join teams known as Patrols, of 6 or more Scouts. A number of Patrols make up a Scout Troop have a mix of older and younger Scouts. Patrols are led by Patrol leader (PL) and an Assistant Patrol Leader (APL) who provide leadership and guidance. Come and meet our Patrols, PL’s and APL’s of the Fox, Orca, Tiger or Eagle Patrols.

Lord Baden-Powell (B-P) recognized that Scouts have a wide range of abilities: some have more, some have less. and built it deliberately into the Scout Promise. No matter how difficult the task, B-P felt a leader or a and the Scout would be satisfied if each could truthfully say, "I will do my best."

Bring on the adventure and enjoy physical fun, mental fun, noisy fun, making new friends, learning life skills outdoors and personal ADVENTURE! Memories to last a lifetime are awaiting you. Challenges and Achievement to look back on with pride.

Scouting is a family-based organization. Activities we offer, plus the value and skills we provide, are aimed at supporting your efforts to teach your child what is needed to become a well-rounded person. Your personal involvement is important to help reinforce the lessons your Scout learns.

After learning a bit about Scouts, your Scout will become ready to become "invested", or formally welcomed into the Troop. You will be invited to attend the "Investiture Ceremony" to help welcome your Scout into the Scout Troop.
The Scout Promise :

The Scout Promise
The Scout Law :

The Scout Law
The Scout Motto :

The Scout Motto
The Scout Slogan :

The Scout Slogan

The Principles of Scouting

Scouts Canada's Principles and Practices are based on the Promise and Law. The whole Scouting Movement was founded and developed on these central ideas, and they apply to all members, regardless of age.

Scouting is based on three broad principles, which represents its fundamental beliefs:
• Duty to God,
• Duty to others,
• Duty to self.

Scouting's core philosophy and values are expressed by these principles, which distinguish Scouting from all other organizations. These form the "code of ethics" for how Scouting expects all members to conduct themselves while participating in activities.

Scout Uniform

The Scout uniform is worn with pride includes a tan shirt, Scout sash, green belt and buckle, neckerchief, neckerchief slide (woggle), navy blue pants (no jeans) and the option to wear a Scout Baseball style cap or the official Scouts Canada "Lifestyle Wear" Bush Hat (a wide-brimmed, "Tilley"-style hat).

A smart successful Scout Troop wears complete uniform with distinction and commitment. When everyone is in uniform, a Troop quickly comes together as a unit.

Scouts wants to experience the adventurous life of the vagabond, pioneer and explorer - elements found in the nature of almost all young people. To active Scouts, Scouting means having fun and learning with their friends.

Uniform Checklist

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