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Beaver Colony Colours (Blue) and Symbol
12th Richmond Group Crest

The Beavers meet every Wednesday at Gilmore Park United Church from 6:15 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.
Beavers (boys and girls ages 5-7)
Sharing the Adventure

Welcome to a Magical Year at Beavers!
Come play at the pond

You'll have lots of fun in your "Colony," sharing games, crafts, and plenty of outdoor adventures with your new friends.

Where Beavers live?

Beavers have a special place where they meet each week. It's a mystical place called the "Pond," where you live in a "Colony," and join a small group called a "Lodge," with other Beavers just like you!
Beaver Tails and Symbols?

When you join the "Lodge," you get your very own symbol, to attach to the pocket of your vest. Every fall you get to make a new tail to wear on your hat. The tail changes colours as you get older. Just before you swim up to Cubs, you wear the "White Tail" with the "Magic Light" symbol.

Eager Beavers?

When you learn your Law and Promise, you can become an Eager Beaver, during a special ceremony with all your leaders and friends.
The Beaver Promise :

The Beaver Promise
The Beaver Law :

The Beaver Law
The Beaver Motto :

The Beaver Motto
Background of Beavers

Here's a story just for you! Parents please pick up a copy of “Friends of the Forest”. Read the story to your Beaver and him/her understand the Beaver program. Read how the Big Brown Beaver names the Jones family so they can be true friends of the forest.

In Beavers, the Mission, Principles and Goals are achieved through the use of a program of understanding and supportive fun. Activities are built around seven Program elements: Games, Crafts, Music, Storytelling, Playacting, Spiritual Fellowship and Outdoors.
Friends of the Forest Book

Beavers Terminology

When you visit your children's Beaver Colony or talk to them about Beavers, you will need to understand the "Beaver Lingo". To help you out, we've listed some of the name typically assigned to the Leaders (taken from the Characters in "Friends of the Forest"), and other terms used, along with an explanation of who or what is being referred to:
Hawkeye :

The tall person that first noticed the beavers in the pond
Tic Tac :

The Squirrel who helps Hawkeye at the pond
Ringtail :

The Raccoon who helps Hawkeye at the pond
Rainbow :

The Child who wore clothes of many colors
Rusty :

The Child whose hair was the colour of a red fox
Sunshine :

The person with sparkling eyes and whose smile made people feel warm and good inside
Tinkerbell :

The tiny fairy from Peter Pan (a name chosen by the Beaver Colony)

Beavers Hand Signal

Leader's arm straight up with hand forming Beaver sign. This signals Beavers to stop everything they are doing and pay attention to the Leader.

Beavers Salute

Special sign of greeting made with bent fingers. It represents the two front teeth of the Beaver.
Beaver Sign and Salute  

Beaver Uniform

The Beaver uniform is blue and brown. These colours symbolize colours of nature; brown for the earth and the Beaver's fur coat and blue for the clear sky and the fresh sparkling water. White is the color of the moon and the stars.

A Beaver respects his uniform and wears it proudly.

Uniform Checklist

Other items worn on the uniform are the registration flash, positioned below the Beavers Canada strip on the vest, and the Beaver tail, attached to the back of the hat.

Teach your Beaver to respect his/her uniform and wear it proudly. After your child is invested, encourage him/her to wear the full uniform.

Beaver Tail

The Tail group is another very useful sub-grouping system. Tail groups are made up of Beavers of typically the same age, so that most all 5 year olds, 6 year olds and 7 year olds form different tail groups. It allows older Beavers to receive a different or more challenging activity than younger or newer Beavers. They receive their tail color once in the fall.

Silver Streak - Magic Light Symbol
Typical Age

Fall Tail Colour
5 year olds
6 year olds
7 year olds
Prior to swim-up
White with magic light symbol (silver streak down center of tail)
12th Richmond Scout Group Scarf & Colours
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